SPDC…Where are the monks ..... รัฐบาลทหาร พม่า…เอาพระไปไหน...?

14 October 2007: Activity @ Writer's Club @ 4pm on wards Sunday (Walking Street Market)

Joint us for the Freedom in Burma!

SPDC…Where are the monks…the nuns…the demonstrators…?

The people of Thailand are no strangers to bravery and loss. On this day 34 years ago, 14th October 1973, many brave Thai students and citizens also lost their lives in the struggle for democracy in Thailand.

In August and September 2007 we all saw hundreds of thousands of courageous people all over Burma ask the military regime of Burma to end the brutality and exploitation of their homeland…to free Burma.

In Burma September 26th 2007 the regime answered with bullets and batons.

All peoples of Burma countries of the world, including Thailand, spoke out against the violence and insisted that the regime in Burma release all political prisoners and begin sincere dialogue with the people’s chosen leaders. There can be no true dialogue without freedom. September 29th the UN sent a special envoy Mr Gumbari to carry the world’s message to the regime.

So October 14th what has been the real answer…

Since then the regime has treated the world like fools…playing charades ….while at the same thousands of monks were taken away on trucks to where??? The military have continued raiding homes and arresting anyone believed involved in the demonstrations. Monks and others arrested are telling the stories of torture and brutality. People are dying in custody…their bodies quickly cremated.
The regime says it has released thousands but who has seen this??? Yesterday three more pro-democracy leaders were arrested.

In the past 2 weeks despite their promise to the people of Burma and the world, the regime has not made any approach to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, other pro-democracy leaders; leaders of the ethnic groups or any one else to begin talks. Most leaders are easy for the regime to contact as they are still held in State institutions and prisons. If they are sincere…what are they waiting for?

The world is so concerned this weekend it has again sent Mr Gumbari to Burma to hold the regime to their promises.

Just because the screams in Burma have been muffled does not mean there is peace on Burma. As the silence inside Burma grows more ominous it’s our responsibility to keep speaking and to keep our own governments asking “SPDC where are the monks the nuns the demonstrators?” Keep demanding that SPDC free political prisoners and accept that the time has come for transition with grace, dignity and honor…rather than react with further violence, cowardice and dishonesty.
Burma Update: 14th October 2007
Lanna Action for Burma (LAB)

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