Action - Interfaith Group for Peace in Burma


Monday 8 October Peace walk to Chinese Consulate starting from Buakhard Park at 9.00

Saturday 6 October 16.00-20.00: Peace walk and prayers at various religious sites en route
Buddhasathan----Changklan Mosque (through Changklan road 16.00-17.30) prayer-------- Changklan mosque---------- Regina church (18.00-18.30) prayer----------- Regina Church ----------Wat Chai Mankala* (19.00-19.15) to receive for blessings for the victory for the peoples of Burma

Friday 5 October
17.00-20.00 Discussion on relations between Burma and Siam, historically, spiritually, culturally and socially (Phra Rajawimol, abbot of Wat Srisoda, etc.), films about Burma, exhibitions and peace walk from the Buddhasathan to the Three King Monument

Thursday 4 October 17.00-20.00 Interfaith prayers and merit making in honor of those who have lost their lives during their uprising against the junta and for peace in Burma
Venue Buddhasathan, Chiang Mai (by the Nawarat Bridge, next to the Governor’s House)

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