The Burmese military regime's assault on Buddhism continues….. ทหารพม่ายังคงทำลายพระพุทธศาสนาอย่างต่อเนื่อง

The Burmese military regime's assault on Buddhism continues…..

• October 26 marked exactly one month after Burma's military regime opened fire on thousands of peaceful protestors, killing monks and civilians.

• During the past month the regime has raided monasteries and homes throughout Burma, arresting thousands of monks and civilians. Many have been tortured; the exact death toll is unknown.

• Monks have been fleeing for their lives to neighbouring countries.

• Monasteries remain closely guarded, and monks are restricted from doing their alms rounds in the mornings.

• The military regime stepped up security around temples on October 26, the end of Buddhist Lent, fearing people visiting temples would commemorate the crackdown. Hundreds of riot police armed with assault rifles and tear gas surrounded the temples. Worshippers entering the temples were searched and had to show their ID.

Clearly, the regime is now deeply afraid of Burma's monks and the repercussions of their assault on the country's most revered institution. We can only expect their oppression of the monks and the restrictions on religious activity to grow worse in the future.

To end this oppression and assault on Buddhism, we need concerted international pressure on the Burmese military regime now!

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