Sarong Revolution


Over the last 12 months Than Shwe and his Generals have been hit with a barrage of panty power from all over the globe.

We have seen his health fail, cracks in the military, we have seen SPDC stumble bumble and fumble…taking many wrong turns following their silly road map to hell. Their grip is loosening daily and they are too obsessed with their addictions and greed to notice.

Than Shwe and the SPDC we are here to tell you that not one of your tricks nor a single one of your lies has fooled us for a second. You’re not dealing with the UN now…you are dealing with us…the angry women of Burma and the rest of the


We regret to tell you that your reckless stupidity and ongoing cruelty has led us to decide to escalate our attack on what is left of your tiny tiny tiny little pong!

More powerful than a G string…

Faster than bloomers …

Panties were just the beginning Than Shwe….

Lanna Action for Burma declares a global surge against Burma

"A Sarong Revolution"

On ____November 2008 women all around the world will raise their sarongs into the sky in a powerful show of contempt and fury with Than Shwe and other leaders of the Burmese Military Regime SPDC. Our sarongs will fly continuously until your regime falls.

Those who can, will hoist their Sarongs in front of embassies and other prominent places…those who cannot will fly them from their windows…in the market…from their vehicles…in their yards…in parks…in schools…everywhere and anywhere and anytme.

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