Friends of Burma: Music festival and Public Forum for Nargis disaster relief in Burma

Friends of Burma

Music festival and public forum

For Nargis disaster relief in Burma

20 May 2008 from 3:00-10:00 PM

Convention center, Chiangmai University


1) To raise fund for victims of the Nargis cyclone in Burma through effective and reliable local organizations

2) To build understanding and awareness about human rights abuses and the Nargis cyclone situations in Burma

3) To provide encouragement to both our friends from Burma and our friends who work on Burma issues in Thailand

4) To promote collaboration between Thai and international organizations working on Burma issues and civil society groups in Chiangmai


Part I 3.30-5.30 PM

Public forum on "Nargis cyclone: situations aid and drawing lesson learn from Tsunami in Thailand"


- The Situation in Burma by Win Min, Chiangmai-based Burmese scholar

- Directions for short and long term aid: Experience from the Tsunami by Mr. Palakorn Wongkongkaew, Community Organization Development Institute (CODI)

- Situation analysis by Dr. Chayan Watthanphuti

Part II 6.00-10.00 PM

Fund raising concert "Friends of Burma"

- Painting auction by Thepsiri Suksopha and Thirayut Boonmii

- VCD "Salween Dams" by South East Asian River Network (SEARIN)

- "Song for Friends in Burma" by Thai and Burmese friends

Sunthree Wechanon, Bruke Kitawathana, Suwichanon, Sudsanan, Yenni & Took Brasserie, youth band from Burma

- Poem by Sanegdao Satthaman and Phaithoon Phomwichit

- Candle light mourning ceremony by Charm Tong

Part III Front area activities

Fund raising activities

- Photos by Saran Buunprasert, Thiraphap Lohitkun, Chirana Phitpreecha ect.

- Dolls by Udom Taephanit

- "Singing together" Street music

- Burmese food health and charity

- Fresh coffee from Luang Prabang café

- Donation box

Information and campaign

- Performance for Peace in Burma by Jakkrit Chimnok and Phadungsak Khotchasamrong

- Miss and Mr. Questions by youth from Burma

- Photos and information exhibitions about human rights and the Nagis cyclone in Burma

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